Our Mother’s Day Letter to Michelle Obama

May 12, 2012 The Mothers Project™, founded by Angela Monti Fox, mother of filmmaker Josh Fox, launches with a letter to Michelle Obama. The letter raises the united voices of mothers speaking in unison for children who cannot vote nor make public policy to protect themselves.

President Barack Obama recently changed his mind about gay rights and marriage.  In an interview regarding the matter, one of the most dramatic moments came when he was asked how he came to this new conclusion! What caused him to move away from his former position that marriage was between a man and a woman? He paused and very thoughtfully stated that he was “influenced” by his family!

Our Mother’s Day letter presented to Mrs. Obama, represents a significant effort on the part of a grassroots coalition of mothers, aiming to do just that. We are Mrs. Obama’s family, in the larger sense, speaking in unison for the children who cannot vote nor make public policy.  Hoping not only to gain Mrs. Obama’s attention through this very public appeal from one mother to another, but to help her become aware of an impending crisis in children’s health, that is by far as grave as any that her campaign on children’s health has attempted to address.

Mrs. Obama has chosen to define her time in the White House as one that holds high America’s value for family and for the care and protection of children.  In this regard we are asking Mrs. Obama to become not just familiar with this issue, as we are sure she is, but to become intimately involved in this issue; to take an interest in this issue. To understand what is happening throughout America and the world, as we proceed to extract every last drop of fossil fuels from this earth using an extreme and untested method called high volume hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”).  We would like to bring her attention to the potential this process has, to significantly change the course of a child’s life, just from breathing the air and drinking the water presumed to be safe.

Beyond reaching out to our First Lady, The Letter is an invitation to all mothers struggling with fossil fuel and nuclear energy issues in their communities, to join together as mothers under one umbrella, The Mothers Project™.   We welcome you to sign on the Michelle Obama Mother’s Day Letter and join your voices with ours.