Erie, Colorado, June 2, 2012, Encana Closed its operation for a day! Newsletter, Vol 1

Dear Mothers of the Earth:

On June 2, 2012 The Mothers Projectâ„¢ (TMP) travelled to Erie, Colorado to support the efforts of the four grassroots Moms who began Erie Rising. The group formed to stop Encan Corporation from building oil and gas fracking wells in the back yards of Redhawk Elementry School, Erie Elementary and Expolring Minds Childcare Center.

This was the first “action/event” of TMP and we were thrilled to see approximately 100 residents of this quiet community, children in tow, come to life to defend their turf. The purpose of the The Mothers Projectâ„¢, that began with a public letter to Michelle Obama is to place the full force of the national attention on this grassroots effort.

The Encana Corporation attempted to discredit Erie Rising’s petition, which was signed by over 21,000 people, by saying that only a 100 of those signatures came from Erie! This statement reflects the short sightedness of the Oil & Gas industry. Those 100 signatures from Erie residents have representation throughout our nation and around the globe!

(photo: Pamela Hubbard)

The Mother’s Day Letter to Michelle Obama stands for a sustainable enery future and against the current disregard the Oil & Gas industry has for the health and future of children. We can only accomplish our goal with a singualr unified effort. Join the thousands who have already signed on to the letter and help to circulate it. One million signatures is our goal; the letter will bring national attention to any communcity that needs our help.
-Angela Monti fox, Founder: The Mother Project

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“‘Wake up neighbors! They are poisoning you!’ one man yelled as scores of men, women and children winded through Erie’s streets, carrying signs reading: ‘Our Children Are Not Your Science Experiement,’ ‘Don’t Frack With Our Kids’ and ‘Safe Fracking is a Pipe Dream.'”

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