A Mother’s Day Letter to the First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama

Dear Mrs. Obama

We are mothers from all walks of life writing to you about an urgent matter: the health threats to our children posed by extreme forms of fossil fuel extraction, in particular, the process of drilling oil and natural gas using high-volume, hydraulic fracturing, known as “fracking.”
The ongoing drilling and fracking boom has spurred the proliferation of drill rigs in backyards, schoolyards, and family farms across America. These are places where our children live, play, and learn. Even areas near daycare centers and summer camps have been targeted for drilling and fracking, a process in which explosives and high-pressure mixtures of water and chemicals are used to blast apart bedrock.
Because children cannot vote or make public policy, because children are more vulnerable than adults to toxic exposures, and because parents are charged with keeping children safe and providing for their future, we, the undersigned mothers, have joined with scientists, pediatricians, and public health officials in calling for a moratorium on fracking until the potential effects on children’s health and the environment can be carefully studied.1
Right now, demonstration of safety does not exist.
We are concerned about air pollution. Smog levels are high in communities near drilling and fracking sites.2 This kind of air pollution is linked to childhood asthma, lost school days, and higher health care costs.3 It is also linked to low birth weight and preterm birth.4
We are concerned about drinking water. Methane contamination of family drinking water wells has occurred near gas wells in Pennsylvania. Benzene and other chemicals used during natural gas operations have been detected in groundwater near gas drilling operations in Wyoming.5
We are concerned about chemical spills. Although many chemicals used in drilling and fracking are considered proprietary, we know the list of ingredients includes substances linked to childhood cancers, birth defects, and hormone disruption.6
We are concerned about reports of reproductive problems and deaths among pets, cows, and wildlife exposed to drilling and fracking operations. We wonder what message these animals hold for pregnant women living near drill sites.7
We are concerned about the radioactive content of fracking wastewater and the lack of a comprehensive plan for its permanent disposal.8,
We are concerned about noise pollution from 24/7 drilling operations, heavy machinery, and associated truck traffic. Noise pollution is associated with stress, disrupted sleep, and learning and behavioral difficulties.9
We are concerned about the industrialization of open space. Filling up farm fields, pastures, wilderness areas, and state parks with waste pits, pipelines, drill pads, condensers, and compressor stations transforms the landscape our children inhabit. It undermines our efforts to bring healthy food from local farms to our dinner tables. It denies families opportunities for outdoor physical activity in natural areas.
Scientists are just beginning to address questions about the impact of drilling and fracking on children’s health. We support and encourage this ongoing inquiry. But we also believe that—until the answers are in, and in the face of fundamental uncertainties— benefit of the doubt belongs to our children, not to the things that threaten them.10
We are guided by these truths, which we hold to be self-evident:
  • We know that water is life.
  • We know that methane is explosive.
  • We know that groundwater, once contaminated, cannot be cleaned up.
  • We know that we cannot shop for clean air.
  • We know that drilling and fracking operations require hundreds of truck trips per well and that many of these trucks haul poisonous chemicals.
  • We know that accidents happen.
  • We know that toxic injuries in pregnancy and early childhood have lifelong consequences.
  • We know that you shouldn’t break something that you can’t fix.

Our appeal is simple and fundamental to our role as mothers. We do not want children drinking milk from cows grazing on chemically contaminated pastures. We do not want children breathing benzene on school playgrounds. We do not want convoys of water and gravel trucks sharing the roadways with school buses. Nor with teenagers learning to drive. Nor with kids on bicycles. We do not want children used as subjects in a reckless experiment whose long-term consequences and cumulative impacts are not yet understood.

We do want to bequeath to our children and grandchildren an unfractured, unpoisoned world.

We do want to bequeath to our children and grandchildren an unfractured, unpoisoned world.

In December 1948, the United Nations General Assembly adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. An initiative of former First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt, this document stands as the most widely recognized statement of the rights to which every person is entitled. These include the right to ensure the safety and health of children and families. More recently, the United Nations has declared safe and potable drinking water a human right.

As America’s current First Lady and first mother, you have been outspoken in your commitment to families, children, health, and future generations. We hope that you will now join us in our call to “hit the pause button” on drilling and fracking operations and pursue a new course. Extreme fossil fuel extraction is not the answer to our nation’s energy challenges.

Our children’s health and the survival of our planet depend on policymakers and citizens joining together to commit to sustainable, renewable energy. In this, we hope that you will serve as our 21st-century Eleanor. Visit our website, http://www.mothersforsustainableenergy.com/, and let us know what you think.

Thank you.

Warmest regards,
Angela Monti Fox, mother of Gasland filmmaker, Josh Fox
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Griffin,PACHRISTINE MOORE,OHChristine Sandow,StateChristine Sandow,GAChristy Smith-Nichols,Statecindy roberts,StateCindy Soulliere,COCindy Soulliere,COClaire Coleman,NYclare Bonnie Chollet,NYClare Twomey,StateClaudia Gorman,RIClaudia Gorman,RICleo Dioletis,COCoco Gordon,COColleen Boland,NYcolleen grant,NYColleen Lyon,COConnie Copeland,StateConnie Copeland,StateConnie Mattison,NJConnie Morrash,PAConnie Sapin,OHConnie Triolo,LAConstance Herrera,NYConstance Stallard,COcorby,OHCorinne Wong,CTCorinne Green,PACORINNE PEZZATI,FLcorinne pezzati,FLcornelia pierce,NJCosima Krueger-Cunningham,COCourtney Michaleski,MDCourtney Skelly,OKCristin Jones,COCynthia Campbell,NYcynthia carestio,NYCynthia D. Ellis,WVCynthia Estes-Smith,NYcynthia layton,PACynthia McGahee,NYCynthia Rose,MACynthia Wilson,NYD. Sanders,NYDagmar Langlois,NYDaina Leimanis,MADaina Leimanis,MADale Heckerman,CODan Leftwich,CODan McConnell,NYDana Flinn,NJDaniel Durham,CODaniel Lincoln,OHdaniel mullins,StateDaniel Nicholson,CODaniela Gioseffi,NYDanielle Donkersloot,StateDanielle Donkersloot,StateDanielle Marchione,StateDaria Jacobs Velde,StateDarla Bruno,OHDarlene Flanagan,StateDave Durnan,OHDave Walczak,NYDave White,StateDavid Auerbach,CODavid Bremenstuhl,MDDavid Streifford,NCDavid Walczak,NYDavid Wright,StateDavid Wright,CODavid Wright,StateDawn Havas,NYDawn OdonnellDmarie,NYDea Smith,CODean Winwood,StateDeb Hochhalter,CODEB LAMBERT,PADebbie Brady,CODebbie Jensen-Grubb,MDDebbie swifts lski,StateDebora Young,TXDeborah Dobski,NYDeborah Escobar,NYDeborah Fink,CODeborah fleming,PADeborah Hoff,CODeborah Jamieson,AZDeborah L. Irvine,OHDeborah M. Long,NCDeborah Walper,PADeborah Whitehead,ILDeborah Zohn,NYDebra A Gregory,NCDebra Anderson,NMDebra Borowiec,PADebra Burleigh,MEDebra Chesman,NYDebra Eck,PADebra Fletcher,CODebra Marcon,MADebra Orzen,TXdebra snell,PADebra Weise,StateDebra Wexler,NYDeirdre Wulf,StateDeLaney Becker-Baratta,MADena Barbara,NYDenice M Grubb,FLDenis Robitaille,PADenise A. Metzger,PADenise Aday,TXDenise Branigan,TXDenise E. Binion,WVDenise Lindstrom,WVDennis Nutter,NCDennise Two Spirit Sage Walker,StateDerek Spires,ORDevika Coles,StateDiana abdelfattah,ILDiana Alcantara,CODiana Krausova,MADiana Modica,NYDiana Modica,NYDiana Shaheen,StateDiana Shaheen,OHDiana Wright,CODiane Allen-Harkins,PAdiane arceneaux,LADiane MacInnes,NYDiane MacInnes,NYDiane MacInnes,NYDiane Townsend,PADiane Werner,NYDiane Woodman,NCDiann Borst,NYDianne Arnod,PADianne HOY,StateDianne Wells,CODianne Wells,CODianne Wells,CODianne Wells,CODianne Wells,CODinah Farrington,NYDon Devereux,StateDon Devereux,StateDon Greenberg,NJDon Young,TXDona Syman,NYDonald Glauber,NYDonald R. Quinn,NYDonna Adolph,StateDonna Carver,OHDonna Carver,OHDonna Davila,NJDonna Fellenberg,NJDonna Flayhan, PhD,NYdonna garde,NYDonna Petree,NCDonna Stein,StateDonna Stein,NYDonna Voldness,StateDonna Voldness,OHDonna Voldness,StateDori Orenstein,CADorina Hippauf,PADorje Root,COdorothy gavrielides,NYdorothy gavrielides,NYdorothy gavrielides,NYDorothy Hudson,NYDorothy Tang,NYDougla Craig,NYDr Arnold Mesches,FLDr Reverend Ellen Sokolow,NYDr. David G. Phillips,NYDr. Donna Moore Powers,NYDr. Donna Moore Powers,NYDr. Heidi Hutner,NYDr. Jeanne Simonelli,NYDr. Joan Koster,NYDr. Larry Frankel,OHDr. Mary Anne Phillips,StateDr. Mary Anne Phillips,NYDr. Rebecca Gasior Altman,MADr.Gildston,NYDuncan Wible,CAEarl Staelin,COEdie Colon,NYEdward Aronoff,NYEffie gOODALL,StateEileen Hamlin,NYeileen Kline,NYElaine Langley,LAElaine Mansfield,NYElaine Perkus,NYElaine Reichart,NJEleanor J Jefferson,COEleanor Levine,CAEleanor Minsky,NYEleanor Rae,NYElectra Freedgood,NYElena Holly Klaver,COElfian Schieren,StateElicia Arwen,COElisa Bernstein,MAElisabeth Fisher,COElisabeth Fisher,COElisabeth Merrill,NYelizabeth,NCElizabeth (Libby) Holmes,NYElizabeth Arnold,PAelizabeth balogh,PAElizabeth ElBayadi,NYElizabeth H. Jones,VAelizabeth hanulak,PAelizabeth hovencamp,PAElizabeth Lascoutx,NYElizabeth Moore,StateElizabeth Salon,NYElizabeth Santisteven,COElizabeth Schoonmaker,NYElizabeth Shedd,NYElizabeth Tatham,PAElizabeth Thompson,MTEllen A Smith,PAEllen Blau,NYEllen Durant,NYEllen Durant,NYEllen J. Matheson,SCEllen Johnson-Fay,COEllen Mavrich,PAEllen Osuna,NYEllen Stark,COElmira Kujundzic,COElsie,NYElsje H van Munster, J.D.,NYEmily Apter,NYEmily Liston,MDemily nagel,WAEmily Pecora,NYEmma Levine,StateEmma whitton,StateEric VanderBeek,MTErica Crytzer,NYErica Crytzer,NYerica hart,NYErica Taylor,GAEricka Ortega,MAErik Schwertfeger,NYErin Altschule,NYErin Redden,PAerlend kimmich,NYErnie Infante,NYEsther L. Racoosin,NYEsther L. Racoosin,NYEsther Lerman,NYETHELYN HONIG,NYEugene Marner,NYEuguanie Fudala,NYEva KITTAY,NYEvan Ravitz,COEvelyn Preuss,NYFelicity Cahill,StateFiona White,StateFlorence Carnahan,NYFr. Chuck Taylor,NYFran Alexander,StateFrances Mervau,MAFrancesca Heller,StateFrancesco Presenti,StateFrank Eadie,NYfrançoise lienhard,StateG Dagrosa,NYGabriel Reichler,NYgabrielle,COGabrielle Engh,NYgail craine,OHgail craine,OHGail j Brunner,NJGail J. Brunner,NJGail Koller,NYGail Maloney,MAGail Newbold,PAGail Payne,NYGale Lyons,NYGary & Brenda Hogan ,TXGary Hogan ,TXgary randorf,NCgenevieve matte,StateGeoffrey Manning,COgeorge darrow,WIgeorge darrow,StateGeorge I,CAGeorge I.,CAGeri Bloch,NYGerri Wiley,NYgigi aronoff,NYgillian ivers-read,COGin Sands,MNGina Hashbarger,OHGina Hashbarger,OHGina Hewett,GAGinger Sanders,MNGinny Boyle,NYGloria Forouzan,Stategloria osborne,Stategloria osborne,StateGraham Curry,ILGraham Curry,ILGraham Overby,StateGreg Ching,COGreta Salzberg,NYGusti Bogok,NYGwen Alston,StateGwen B. Fischer,OHGwen B. Fischer,OHGwen Moshier,NYH A Wolf,NYHarry Davis,NYHeather,ILHeather A Sheppard,NJheather black,WAHeather Cantino,OHHeather Carlucci,NYHeather daSilva,NYHeather Nagel,NYHeather Neher,Stateheather vahila,OHHeather Waters,NYHeidi Gogins,NYHeidi Hutner,NYHeidi Johanna Vierthaler,MEheidi whitaker,GAHelen Blum,NYHelen Jane Kaufman,NYhelen obrien,ILhelen wolff,NYHelen Yost,IDHelene Levy,NYHilary Acton,StateHilary Baum,NYHolli Allen Magill,NJHolly Adams,NYHOUDEAU Annick,StateIda Hakkila,NYIlan Sherman,COillona santillan,StateIlona M. Weiss,COIman Woods,COInese Leimanis,NYInese Leimanis,NYIris Jimenez,NYIrma Woollen,COIrma Woollen,COIsabella Ossott,NYJacalyn Dinhofer,NYJack David Marcus,NYJackie Juno,StateJackie Raven,NYJacob Pultorak,PAJake Hanson,UTJames Keane,NJjames kricker,NYJames McCormack,NYJames Mccullough,TXJames Pilewski,OHJames R Plagmann, AIA,COJan Brenner,NYJan Demorest,COJan Demorest,COJan Demorest, Ph.D.,COJan Hashey,NYjan lucas-grimm,INJan Quarles,NYJan Quarles,NYJana Everett,NYJanat Dundas,COJane,PAJane Birdsong,WVJane & Maurice Sherman, MD,NYJane Coppola,StateJane E. Aini,StateJane Enterline,COJane Fasullo,NYJane Fossgreen,CAJane Hearne,WVJane Lohr,OHJane Lynn,TXJane Neimand,NJJane Penrose,NYJane R. Tolomello,PAJane Roberts,CAJane Willeboordse,StateJanet brevik,Statejanet Gustafson,COjanet ievins,ORJanice Burton,StateJanice Burton,NYJanice Carter Baselice,NJJanice Huang,NYJanice J Gray,MOJanis Haswell,COjanis malins,StateJanna Ewart,VTJanna Olson,NYJanne Sahady,RIJayne Frye,NYJean,OKjean trescott,NYJean A. Blackwood,MOJean Clark,COJean Dietrich,StateJean Gardner,Statejean grieten,Statejean hricik,NYjean hricik,NYjean hricik,NYjean lalli,OHJean Withrow,NYJean-Paul Bourque,MAJeanette Ammon,OHJeanne,WIJeanne Rhea,StateJeannette Palma,NYJeff Welch,COJeffrey Moore,NYJeffrey Goldstein,NYJeffrey Moore,NYJen Cornell,COJen Cornell,COJen McGlashan,NYJennifer A. Riley,NYJennifer Anglin-Gutierrez,ILjennifer apodaca,Statejennifer assmann,COJennifer Brady,NYJennifer Brooks,COJennifer Bruber Mays,MNJennifer Chiefbody,StateJennifer Colley,CAJennifer Cornell,COJennifer Finkenberg,NYJennifer Finkenberg,NYjennifer gurley,WAJennifer Haynes,MAJennifer Heath,COJennifer Lahey,NYJennifer Lynch,COJennifer Mebes,NYJennifer Meyer,NJJennifer Mier,COJennifer Muir,UTJennifer Nunemacher,COJennifer Stoltman,NYjennifer vanian,COJennifer Watts RN,NYJennifer Williamson,COJennifer Zoe Curtis,NYJenny Leunig,StateJenny Leunig,StateJenny Lisak,PAJenny Lisak,PAJeri Hemerlein,MDJerry Lobdill,TXJerry Rivers,NYJerry Rivers,NYJerry Rose,NJJerry Rose Jr.,NJJessamee Sanders,NYJessica Anna,NYjessica bise ,COJessica Ernst,StateJessica Helm,NYJessica McCoy ,PAJessica Ognibene,COJessica Pickard,COJessica Price,PAJessica Shepard,MAJessica Wayman,COJhabel Downie,StateJill Amey Leighty,NYjill gold,NYJill Green,COJill Leighty,NYjill Leighty,NYJill Lewis,NYJill Lewis,NYjill obrig,NYjill obrig,NYjill pettijohn,NJJill wiener,NYJilla Montenegro,FLjimmy blue thunder,PAJinny LaRock,COJM Bartone,PAJM Bartone,PAJo Clayson,NYJoan Briggs Ashton,NYJoan DeSimone,NYJoan Farber,NYJoan Farber,NYJoan Farber,NYJoan Flynn,NYJoan Jubett-Bauer,StateJoan L Walker,NYJoan Littlehale,NYjoan m schumacher,NYJoan Percey,IAJoan Rosen Bloch,PAJoan Ryan-Krilla,NJJoan Schumaker,NYJoan Tubridy,NYJoan Wells,TXJoan Wilson,COJoanCramer,PAJoanna Dadd,StateJoAnne Bruno,PAJoanne Corey,NYJoanne Franolich,NYJoanne Gerson,StateJoanne Gillis,PAJoanne Parker,TXJoanne Prendergast,VAJoanne Ross,NJJodee Brekke,COJodee Brekke,COJodi Borello,PAJodie MacTavish,COJody Atty,PAJody Mohr,WVJody Neugebauer,PAJoe Flynn,NYjohn,KYJohn Armstrong,NYJohn Bijarney,NYJohn Chinnery,COjohn crabtree,KYJohn Given,NYJohn Kristjanson,COJohn Lundquist,AZjohn papandrea,NYJohn Schneider,NYJohn Trallo,PAJoleen Carrico,NMJon Fox,Maj.USMCR,Ret.,COJonathan Agathokles,StateJonathan Taylor,FLjonnie westerop,COJoseph G. Flynn,NYJoseph J Heath,NYjoseph mercurio,PAJoyce Bermel,StateJoyce Hunt,NYJoyce Lovelace,NYJoyce Perloff,PAjuana savinon,NYJuanita K Trancoso BSN RN,COjuanita spears,StateJudi Aronson,NYJudith A Cartisano,NYJudith Canepa,NYJudith e theisen,NJJudith e theisen,NJJudith Lienhard,StateJudith Thoms,NYJudith Willour,OHJudy Billiot,LAJudy Converse MPH RD LD,COJudy Dakota Summers,TNJudy Falco,COJudy Fitzgerald,NYJudy Fitzgerald,NYJudy M Armstrong Stiles,PAJudy Stumpf,PAJules Perlmutter,NYJulia von Uffel,NJJulie A. Edgar,PAJulie Braun,NYJulie Kirkpatrick ,NYJulie Knight,COJulie Knight,COJulie Rogers,StateJulie Sautner,PAJulie Schroeder,NYJulie Wood,COJuliet Isele,VAJuliet Lynd,ILJune Douglas,OHJustin Tarik Shockley,NYJustin Tarik Shockley,NYJustine May,MAkaatje bernabei,FLKalee Whittaker,COKamila,CAKaren Chimento,StateKaren Arruda,CAKaren Butler,NYKaren Edelstein,NYKaren Feridun,PAKaren Feridun,PAKaren Feridun,PAKaren Glauber,NYKaren Guise,DEKaren Guthrie,OHKaren Heikkala,StateKaren Hippauf,MNKaren London,NYKaren Nutter,NCKaren Raymer-Ho,OHKaren Schoemer,NYkaren van noy,KSKaren Weishaar,NYKaren Wennlund,StateKari Matsko,OHKarin Anderson Ponzer,NYkarina khalifa,StateKarly Ann Griffin,PAkaryn katzman,OHKaryn Sochacki,NJKate Bayer,MAKate Johnson,COKate Nichols,MNKate Ryan,NYKate Ryan,NYKate Teets, Resident of rural Pennyslvania,PAKatharine Armstrong,COKatharine Jones,OHKatherine,WAKatherine Hawkins,NYKatherine Jankowski,NYKatherine Scheidt,NJKatherine Schwarz,NYKathleen,NYKathleen A Butler,COKathleen A Scali,OHKathleen A. Reynolds,NYKathleen Anneke,IDKathleen Bishop,PAKathleen Butler,COKathleen Gifford,NYKathleen OSullivan,NYkathleen r. parvin,NYkathleen r. parvin,NYkathleen thomas,NYKathleen Thompson,PAKathleen Van Buskirk,NYkathleen weeks,NYKathryn Albury,UTKathryn Brooke,StateKathryn Hearst,NYkathryn kennedy,NYKathryn Robertson,StateKathy Flora,OHKathy Mohr Almeida, Ph.D.,AZkathy obrien,TXKathy Shimberg,NYkathy tompkins,WYKathy Troxel,PAKatie Conway,AZKatie Corrigan,OHKatie Seamands,COKaye Lindsay,StateKaye Newbury,NYKeeley Harding,ORKelli Norland ,COKelly McDonald,TXKelly Morris,NYKelly Morris,NYKelly Schauls,COKelly Simmons,COKelly Tannenbaum,COKemana Palmer,NYKen Bonetti,COKen Messinger-Rapport,OHKendal Craig,NYKendra Appelman-Eastvedt,COkenneth Eli wallen,MOKenneth Sajdak,COKeren Genet,ILKerry Rose,ILKerryanne Daly,PAKevin Bone,NYKevin Ward,CAkhi maree donald,StateKieuly Dang,COKim Feil,TXKim Finnestead,StateKim Jastremski,NYKim KIttay,StateKim Krupsha,PAKim Smith,COKim Tapio-Nuzzo,ILKImberley Hart,NYKimberly Hauer,StateKimberly Lewellyn,MAkimberly nowak,NYKimi Wei,NJkimi wei,NJKirsten Ek, MD,CTkit Lagreze,StateKit Wainer,NYkitty jospe,NYKris Moazed,OHKris Neiss,NJKris White,StateKristen Steele,NYKristi Douglas,COKristian Boose,WAKristin Mize,CAKristina Bragg,NYKristina Turechek,NYKristine Ganes,WAKristine Noonan,NYKrys Cail,NYKrystal Ford,NYKyle Valentini ,OHL Taylor,NJlaura beitler,RILaura Beitler,RILaura Clark,COLaura Dreamspinner,OHLAURA FLYNN,FLLaura Grace Weldon,OHLaura Little,CALaura Neiman,StateLaura Neiman,Statelaura pieri,INLaura Saffioti,COLaura Schlegel,ILLaura Smith,CALaura Toth,NYLaura Warner,PALauralyn Lewis,CTLaureen Golden,NYLaurel Steinberg,ORLauren Schuler,StateLaurie Murphy,NJLaurilyn Bailey,COLaurilyn Bailey,COLawrie Mott,CALeah Barber,NYLeah Taylor,OHLeanne D'Andrea,UTLeanne Polson,COLeatrice Tolls,OHLee Blackburn,StateLeigh Anne Keener,WVLena Clark,OHLendie Gauvin,StateLendie Gauvin,StateLeslie Boden,NYLeslie Bogdan,NYleslie byers,PALeslie Harper,OHLeslie Harris,TXLeslie Harris,StateLeslie Hempstead,COLeslie Huhn,NJLeslie Potter,NYLeslie Scales Hernandez,CALeslie Weise,StateLibbie botting,NYLiel Golan,NYLila,OHLila,NJLili Guerra-Padron,FLLillith Lascoue,COLily Hollister,PALinda Beamish,StateLinda Bevilacqua,NYLinda Blair,MTLinda C. Martin,ORLinda Dunham,StateLinda f Hayne ,ORLinda Hadley,PALinda Leeds,NYLinda Miller,COLinda Richards,OKLinda Southern,StateLinda Southern,StateLinda Van Schaick,NYLinda W Craig,NYLinda Williamson,COLinde van Groeningen,NYLindsay Gahn,COLindy Young,ILLisa A. Gray,VTLisa Adams,StateLisa Elliott,StateLisa Graves,CALisa Harrison,NYLisa Klein,PALisa Longo,PALisa Longo,PALisa Luborsky,NYLisa Moaiery,MALisa Moore,CALisa Rice,PALisa Spivak,PALisa Woodhams,NYliz brown morgan,COLiz Florentino,OHLiz Ratcliff,MNLizabeth Pardo,NYLizzie Cornish,StateLois Ann Zendarski,NYLois Daniels,CTLois McKenzie,NJLolita Buxton,WALone Maimburg,StateLoreena Brave Rock,StateLorena Townsend,COLorena Townsend ,COLoretta Maldonado,NJloretta weir,PALori Babbey,OHLori Cameron,COlori DeAngelis,ALLori Enniss,UTLori Krane,NYLori Stallard,ILLori Stein,NYLori Vest,StateLori Vest,StateLorraine Kirk,COLorraine Kirk,COLorraine Schaffer,COLotus,COLouise Baker,OHLouise H. Hayes,NYLOUISE LEFEBVRE,StateLouise Somerville,StateLouise Somerville,StateLouise Washer,CTLu Wright,StateLuAnne Kozma,MALucinda Manning,NYLucinda Manning,NYLuRaye Tate,NYLydia Bisaillon,NYLydia Edlund,NYLydie Meunier,OKLYNDA FLETCHER,StateLynn Krug,CALynn Maust,PALynn Rosen,StateLynne Smyth,StateMadelaine Haberman,NYMadeline Rhum,Statemae kang,NYMagda Durante,NYMaggie Henry,PAMara Linaberger,PAMarcella Smith,NYMarcia Horn,NJMarcia Horn,NJMarcia Horn,NJMarcia Wolff,OHMarcie Nadeau,COMarco Krapels ,StateMargaret,CAmargaret ,NYMargaret Bobb,COMargaret Hill,NYMargaret Hill,StateMargaret Kerr Beckwith,WVMargaret Kjelgaard,MAmargaret louise,StateMargaret McCasland,NYMargaret Rafferty,NYMargaret Tegenfeldt,WAMargaret Y Jones,TXMargaret Yaggie,PAMargarita Curet,NYMarge Acosta,NYMargery Coffey,NEmargie velykis,NJMargo Yntema,NYMargo Stebbing,StateMargot Reisner,NYMarguerite Uhlmann-Bower,NYMari Heart,COMaria Pena,StateMarianne Högnefors,StateMarie Arrington,StateMarie Austin,FLMarie Badaloni,NVMarie Celeste Parham,NYMarie McRae,NYMarilyn Mullens ,WVMarilyn Roveland,NYMarilyn Silver,NYMarina Louw,Statemarina stefan,StateMarion Hurst,StateMarisa M Zucco,OHMarisol,NYMarisol,NYmark Esdale,MAMark Mangan,OHMark Pezzati,NYMarla Joel,NYMarquest Burton,NCMarquest Burton,NCMarta Badon,LAmartha rossi,NYMartha Wilson,NYMary,PAMary Alice Milnes,WVMary Ann Sherman,NJMary Ann Thompson ,NYMary Baird Leighton,MEMary Baird Leighton,MEMary Baird Leighton,MEMary Beilby,NYMary C. Koch,StateMary C.Rohr,VTMary Campbell,NYMary Campbell,NYMary Clare Rietz,OHMary Colvard,NYMary Cooksey,FLMary D. Thorpe,NYmary daum,OHmary daum,OHMary Day,NYMary E. Walsh,RIMary Ellen Cronly,StateMARY ELLEN MAGOC,PAMary Ellen Magoc,PAMary Ellen Persuit,StateMary ellen Surlas,StateMary Handler,StateMary Kain,NYMary Leitch,StateMary McLeod,NYMary Nolan,INMary O'Herron,NYMary Paige Lang-Clouse,Statemary persuit,PAMary Rivera,ILMary Rodriguez,PAMary Rogers,StateMary Russell,COMary Russell,COMary Smith,StateMary Sue Gmeiner,OHMary Tierney,NYMARY UMOWSKI,PAMary Warren,TXMary Willmeng,COMarybeth Dismuke,GAmaryfaith miller,NYMathia,NYMatt malina,Statematt okeefe,MAMatthew Galvan,CAMaura Stephens,NYMaureen Healy,NYMaury Grimm,COMaury Grimm,COMav Moorhead,NYMeagan Swensen,COMeegan Gamble,CAMegan Lynd Meier,ILMegan Walker,StateMel Packer,PAMel Wymore,StateMel Wymore,NYMelanie S. Maroney,NYMelina Bernhardt,COMelinda Irwin,PAMelissa Carley Manning,StateMelissa Parent,NYMelissa Sader,StateMelissa Troutman,PAMelody D. Long,OHMelody Safken,COMerle McEldowney,NYmerrell,WAMicah Parkin,COMichael and Debbie Huttner,COMichael Gorr,NYMichael Gorr,NYMichael McMackin,PAMichael Melio,COMichael O'Brien,NYMichael OBrien,NYMichael Taylor,COMichele A Taluba,COMichele B Roth,NJMichele Epstein,NYMichele Ristich Gatts,OHMichele Thomas,PAMichele Zotos,NJMichelle Cline,TXmichelle cossey,StateMichelle Fjalltoft,NYMichelle Fjalltoft,NYMichelle Fricke,ORmichelle harrison,LAmichelle johnson,Statemichelle johnson,StateMichelle Keenan,PAMichelle Mirabello,StateMichelle Mirabello-Trallo,PAmichelle roemer-scoen,PAMichelle Rose,NYMichelle Schleider,NYMichelle Schleider,NYMichelle Skagen,COMichelle Williams,NYMicki Rogers,COmillicent young,Statemillicent yuong,COMimsi Milton,COmindy caswell,PAMirele Goldsmith,NYMiriam Bloom,NYMiriam Bloom,NYMirranda Willette ,ORMischon Olger,TXMisty Miller,NYmitje raschi,NYmodesto numez,NYmodesto nunez,NYMolly Williams,PAMona Perrotti,NYMonica Buccheri,NYmonty,StateMorgan Jenness,NYMr. F. R. Acingissafe,COMs. Curry,NCMuriel Finegold,MAMutiya Vision,NYMyra Estelle Gordon,NYMyrto Ashe,CANadine Grabania,MDNadine Grabania,MDNancy Baysinger,NYNancy Beers,NYNancy Beers,NYNancy Bevins,WVNancy Cronin ,AZNancy DiPace Pfau,NYNancy Esway,OHNancy Hepp,WANancy McGraw,NYNancy Moore,DENancy Niles,NYNancy Niles,NYNancy Niles,NYNancy O. Neel,PANancy Radomski,MANancy Shamban,NYnancy sheehan,StateNancy Tarr,NYNancy Towers,StateNaoko Okabe,NYNathan Knecht,CONedra Harvey,NYNeha Gautam,NJNichola O'Hara ,NYNichole Jones,CONichole Jones,CONickie Price,CANicole Dunne,TXNicolle Walker,NJNikki Kemp,PANikol Noll,COnikolaj henriksen,StateNina K Wickett,NYNina K Wickett,NYnina Straus,Statenina.straus,StateNoel Folts,NYNormandie Hyatt,Stateoak chezar,COOlivia Rosewood,CAOriana Maria Fox,NYOrundun DaCosta Johnson,NYPadma Wick,COPaige Wolf ,PAPam Prichard,NJPamela,StatePamela Ann Fitzpatrick,PAPamela Corey,FLPamela Corey,FLpamela Jewel,COPamela Larson,WIpamela lippe,COpamela mayer,PAPamela Quattrini,NCPamela Stern,NYPamela Walker,TXParis Reidhead,NYpascual serrano,NYpat dunn,COPat Goff,NYPat Goff,NYPat Marida,OHPatrice Parker,StatePatrice VanSlyke,NYPatricia Carson,NYPatricia Battaglia,NYPatricia Bevill,PAPatricia Donnelly,NYPatricia Hansen,COPatricia Heckart,NYpatricia jacob,NYPatricia Kay Youngson,COpatricia Mayer,OHPatricia Rigby,INPatricia Roe,WAPatricia Tyrell,NYPatrick Carnahan,AKPatti Gorcheff,OHPatti Gorcheff,OHPatti Walczak,NYPatti Walczak,NYPatti Walczak,NYPatty Darcey-Walsh,NYPaul Focazio,NYPaula Kaartinen,NYPaula Lim,PAPaula Pollak,PAPaula Schramm,VTPaula Slomer,PAPaula Warner,NJPaula Warner,NJPauline Schneider,NYPeacefuljeff,OHPeg Strickland,NYPeggy Koebernick,OHPeggy Leon,NYPeggy Tibbetts,COPeggy Woodward,COPeggy Woodward,COPeggySue King,WAPenelope L. Currier,COPeter Cedergren,COPeter Coleman,NYPetra Bongartz,StatePhoebe Prentice,NYPhyllis Goodnow,MDPramilla Malick,NYPrasad Ramnath,PAProtect Our Water. Ban Fracking In PA (118 members),StateR Kelley ,StateRachel Estroff,NYRachel Kelly,NYRachel Stillman,NYRachel Van Dolsen,NYRachel Wippert,MTRain Hastings,StateRalph J Stalter, Jr.,NVRamona Jan,PARandall Hodak,OHRandee Webb,CORanjana BhaNDARI,TXRannah Baker,CARayna Stengel,FLRebecca Alexander,NYRebecca Boutz,CORebecca Browning,CORebecca Rose O'Grady,OHRebecca Stocking,NYRebekah Jones,LARegina Abraham,StateRegina Abraham,NYRegina O'Dea,StateRenee Guillory,AZRenee Lawrence,NYRenee rizzo,StateRev Crow Swimsaway PhD,OHRev. Monica Beasley-Martin,OHRev. Peggy Clarke,NYRhonda,PARhonda Peters,CORhonda Peters,CORichard and rosa Pretto,CORichard Averett,NYRichard Bahr,CARichard Herman,COrichard jackson,StateRichard Maygua,NYRick Blotter,CORick Casey,CORick Casey,CORick Casey,CORise Cale,NYRobert Lumsden,NYRobert L. Miller,COrobert west,StateRoberta Richardson,COroberta segal,PARobyn Landry,CORolonda R. mAYER,LARos Goodwins,Staterosa garcia,NYRosalyn Becker,WVRose Biondi,NYRose Blevins,TXRose hotchkiss,NCRose Lynd,PARosellen McFarland,NYRosemary Rechter,StateRosina Philippe,LARossemary Alles,CARossina Schroeer-Santiago,CORowan Farmer,StateRoxanna Melgar,MDRoxanne Amidon,OHRoya Alaie,NJRuth Ashworth,NYRuth Miller,NCRuth Mortensen,StateSabra Miller,CASabrina Artel,NYSallie Des Biens,TXSally Doty,NYSally Hampton,CASally Hempy,COSally Johnnes,NYSally Johnnes,NYSally Kost,NCSally Stephens,ORSam Sebren,NYSamantha Whiteside,StateSandra Athens,OHSandra Bilek,OHSandra Burgett,ORSandra Cundiff,PASandra E. Hockenbury,COSandra Folzer,PASandra Harper,StateSandra Hultgren,MASandra J. 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