Our Work

The Mothers Project™ humbly accepts the leadership role as a unifying force for mom-created American grassroots organizations, beginning in our country and expanding throughout the globe. The Mothers Project™ is based on knowledge gained from the scientific community as it … More

Who We Are


Founder: The Mothers Project™ was founded by Angela Monti Fox in March 2012 to unite mothers to respond to America’s exploitation of natural gas plays using the untested method of high volume horizontal hydraulic fracturing. Angela Monti Fox is a … More

Our Mission

This is a global coalition of mothers formed on behalf of children who cannot vote or make public policy. As their advocates and protectors, we support energy sources that do not fill our children’s environment—and thus their bodies—with toxic pollutants. More


The Mothers Project™ was founded  by Angela Monti Fox and accomplished women, mothers, business owners and professionals in March 2012.  The Mothers Project™ shall use all peaceful means democracy allows to protect children from the harm due to the mining … More