Public Lands for Private Use? NY City sees Impacts of the Gas Industry in Jamaica Bay; More than 500 Gardeners to be Displaced by Metering Station and massive Pipe Line

Gas and Land

How often do New Yorkers go to Gateway National Recreation Area and Jacob Riis Beach? How about local users?

All may be surprised to know that their park, their beach, their gardens are about to be dug up to satisfy the Oil & Gas industry’s  rising tide of shale gas frenzy!
How many Park and Beach users are aware that a natural gas pipe line scheduled to be installed under the Gateway National Park and Jacob Riis Beach is about to effect their daily use of the park and beach?

Fracking in New York City? Of course not! Disruption of shore line, natural habitats, marine life, wildlife, and our way of life? Of course!

What about the idea of taking a National Park and turning it into an industrial site for a corporations own use, public lands for private use? Isn’t there some law against that? Or is Congress about to change that? Could there be anything else involved? Electoral money? Greed, corruption?

Teaching Children at Gateway National Park, Jamaica Bay

A Young Scientist at Gateway National Park

Gateway National Park an educational experience for young minds, here we see a lesson called, “making it stick” Quoting from Renay Moran Kurklen,
at The Renaissance Charter School in Jackson Heights, Queens, New York, a charter school with students from all five boroughs of New York City.
“The experience of going out to Jamaica Bay is new for these children-many have never been to a National Park”-as many of us who live in the city may not even be aware that this opportunity is available for city kids. Renay Moran Kurklen, ranger/teacher provides an opportunity for experiential learning-the classroom lesson comes alive, and “kids get to just do it” “class room walls open to real live experiences”. “Children learn the value of nature and an understanding that they are responsible for nature!” An educational philosophy consisting of strong engaging curriculum on site for the student coupled with project based learning and then Gateway provides that extra step, which is experiential learning. That’s what sticks with kids!

Teachers for Gateway: This is a prime opportunity for teachers to get behind opposing the wreckage that will occur in Gateway National Park. A primary resource of “out of the classroom” learning experience for New York City kids.

Quoting from Blogger: Backyard and Beyond-NO PIPELINE IN JAMAICA!: The Mothers Project compliments this blogger on an outstanding piece in taking the time to research the following quote:
“These kinds of things do not belong (…….. )to quote the original Congressional legislation, “to preserve and protect for the use and enjoyment of present and future generations an area possessing outstanding natural and recreational features. […]the Secretary shall administer and protect the islands and waters within the Jamaica Bay Unit with the primary aim of conserving the natural resources, fish, and wildlife located therein and shall permit no development or use of this area which is incompatible with this purpose.”

 Another part of AMERICAN DREAM may be LOST!!! From the Management of GATEWAY: “Gateway was established in 1972 with the dream of bringing a National Park Service experience to the New York metropolitan area. You can help Gateway figure out what it means to be a great urban park in the 21st century. Read the latest issue of our GMP newsletter for the latest updates.”
Open House at Gateway: Three Important dates coming up,  September 12, 18 and 19 to help management to stay true its original intentions. Download and distribute this flier.

This must be stopped,(click here for full article: Gateway to be used to carry fracked methane into the city!.
In a statement earlier this week, Beavan came out strongly against a bill in Congress that would clear the way for construction of the Rockaway Lateral pipeline through Gateway that would link the city to natural gas obtained through the controversial process of hydrofracking.

“This is the mountaintop removal of the Northeast—and it’s not even a good energy strategy for the state or the nation,” Beavan said
The bill, H.R. 2606, would allow pipeline construction in national parkland—in this case through Gateway, which encompasses not only a wildlife sanctuary strattling Jamaica Bay, but also Floyd Bennett Field in Brooklyn and a public beach.

Gateway’s Jamaica Bay Unit in Brooklyn and Queens offers a number of curriculum-based on-site educational experiences for students that focus on the park’s natural and historical resources. Contact the Ecology Village staff at 718-338-4306 for further information, or go to Jamaica Bay Professional Development for information about spring teacher workshops.

———Natural Gas Pipeline in Brooklyn? Bill in Congress Brings Industrial Development to Riis Park, Jamaica Bay, Gateway National Park,———-2606 Passed and waiting for President Obama to sign!

———-New Zealand Grants River Human Rights——

The Gardens at Floyd Benet Field in Jamaica Bay Queens will be lost if the Compression Station is built: