Joyce Hale

We are pleased to welcome Joyce Hale, from Arkansas, as a Trusted Adviser.
Joyce Hale has been a community activist in many capacities over the last thirty years working with 4-H, city and county boards and commissions, Sierra Club, Single Parent Scholarship Fund, League of Women Voters, and other non-profit organizations. Selected to serve as intern at the Winthrop Rockefeller Foundation, she trained in community development and project management. She has focused on water quality issues and led the successful drive to create Arkansas state tax credits for conservation easements protecting wetlands and riparian waterways.

Hale became involved with natural gas issues in 2007 as organizer for a study on environmental impacts with development of the Fayetteville Shale play for the Arkansas League of Women Voters. As the lead organization educating the public on this new industrial activity, she went on to develop coalitions that could monitor state agency oversight and lobby for legislative remedies. In working with a multi-state caucus on Safe Drilling and Mining for the League of Women Voters 2010 national convention, she linked to other activists throughout the U.S. to successfully pass a resolution by the convention and raise awareness of the coming dangers. Hale has been central in providing programs throughout the state, writing material for the media, and sharing studies and articles to strengthen opposition to gas exploitation. Fundraising to support gas awareness campaigns and field research has also been central to her activities.

Hale has won numerous awards for her activity:
Citizens First Congress Dragon Slayer of the Year
Arkansas Sierran of the Year
Arkansas Wildlife Federation – Harold Alexander Conversationalist of the Year
Illinois River Watershed Partnership – Volunteer of the Year
Honoree named to Washington County Arkansas’s Women in History

Hale is a graduate of the University of Arkansas in Business Marketing and is married to James Hale. Together they operated Hale Engineering, Inc., a mechanical engineering research and development facility, for over thirty years. After selling their business they retired to Fayetteville, Arkansas and are both active in water protection projects. They have one daughter and one granddaughter.