A Response to New York State Governor Cuomo’s Proposal to Allow Fracking Permits in the Southern Tier of New York State

Pete Seeger on the Merits of Grassroots Organizing

Can You Hear Us Now!!! 200,000 comnents. Tremendous level of concern and effort to stop fracking in New York State.

Ban Fracking Now! Cuomo! What would your mother do?
Can You Hear Us Now! Yoko Ono and Sean Lennon Support Efforts in New York State.

Please sign the Mother’s Pledge to Resist Hydrofracking

In New York State

The Mothers Project.Org invites all concerned citizens to step forward to oppose hydraulic fracturing in order to protect the health and well being of our children and that of all future generations.

I believe

  • that high-volume horizontal hydraulic fracking is an accident prone, inherently dangerous industrial process with risks that include catastrophic and irremediable environmental damage:
  • that these risks cannot be properly resolved, nor can they be mitigated through regulation by any government agency, let alone one that has and continues to collude with the gas industry in creating rules that attempt to regulate high volume hydraulic fracturing, giving the public a false impression that safety can be achieved.
  • that Governor Cuomo and this agency, the Department of Environmental Conservation, have repeatedly turned a deaf ear to the petitions and letters offering a body of evidence from  scientists, economists, medical professionals, and ordinary citizens who have tried again and again to little avail, to alert the Governor to the many dangers that hydraulic fracturing  poses to our health, safety, property values, peace of mind and to the climate itself.
  • that it is wrong to shatter the bedrock of the earth on which we depend for food and water and inject it with toxic chemicals


If Governor Cuomo permits high volume hydraulic fracturing in any part of New York State, I pledge to join with others to engage in non-violent acts of protest, including demonstrations and other non-violent actions, as my conscience leads me.  I make this pledge in order to prevent the destruction and poisoning of our water, air, and food systems on which life, health and economic prosperity all depend, and in particular, as it is our responsibility and duty, to protect the health and well being of  our children and that of all future generations.

By signing this form I am making a commitment to fulfill this pledge to defend New York State from hydrofracking should Governor Cuomo elect to move forward with a plan to drill.

If you have already signed this pledge through another organization please do not sign it again here.  The signatures attached to this pledge will be delivered in groups of 100 to the Governor but will remain a part of our database for continued communications regarding this issue.  We respect your privacy and we will not sell your information.

For further information please contact us by email at: info@themothersproject.org



A veteran protector of the Mother Earth and champion of Justice and Peace, Pete Seager speaks out against hyrdrofracking-and profoundly and simply addresses Governor Cuomo, comparing his Governorship to that of his father’s. page

Taking to the airwaves to Educate Cuomo

The Mothers Project,Inc. News Release issued June 18, 2012, promoting a sustainable energy future, strongly opposes New York State Governor Cuomo’s unjust proposal to allow permits for hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”) for methane gas to be issued in the Southern Tier region of the state, even as regions elsewhere in the state are protected. This proposal threatens the health of children and families of Broome, Chemung, Chenango, Steuben and Tioga counties.

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The Sky Is Pink

The Mothers Project works on behalf of children who cannot vote or make public policy. As mothers, as parents, we are the advocates and protectors of children. We are dismayed to learn that Governor Cuomo, a parent himself, believes that the children and families of the Southern Tier are less deserving of clean water, clean air and an environment in which they may thrive, than the rest of the children and families in the great State of New York.

The Mothers Project published a letter in The New York Times, on May 12, 2012, Mother’s Day weekend, urging First Lady Michelle Obama to take notice of a profound risk to the health and well being of our nation’s children and future generations: the invasive and life polluting – and largely unregulated – technology of drilling and fracking for methane, commonly known as natural gas. The Mother’s Day letter cites peer-reviewed studies and government reports documenting the threats of drilling and fracking to air, water, land, and consequently, public health. These existing data support our demand that the “precautionary principal” be invoked. In our letter we asked Mrs. Obama to extend her efforts to protect children’s health to include the threat of drilling and fracking for methane gas, submitted on behalf of the Mothers Project by Angela Fox

Excepts from a news release issued today, June 20, 2012, from Adrian Kuzminski, Moderator, Sustainable Otsego state that Fifteen elected officials including Mayor Matt Ryan of Binghamton, City of Albany council members, and Supervisors and Town Board members from rural communities across the state, held a press conference in Albany on Monday to highlight over a hundred municipalities that have enacted ordinances to ban or forestall fracking for natural gas. Interactive map: NY communities that have a fracking moratorium

Current High Volume Horizontal Hydraulic Fracturing Drilling Bans and Moratoria in NY State
Many communities in New York state have banded together to limit or delay shale gas drilling in their municipalities. Below is a map and list of areas where this is occurring. These are updated weekly by our New York affiliate, Karen Edelstein. Click on the images to zoom in or print them. If any of the maps look incorrect, please contact Karen: edelstein@fractracker.org. Archived maps can be found at the bottom of this page/

See: The Sky Is Pink, a new video made by Josh Fox especially for Governor Cuomo Reported by:by Brendan DeMelle, via DeSmogBlog

GASLAND Filmmaker, Exposes Fracking TV Interview Josh Fox talks about ending our addiction to Fossil Fuels
Thruthout Talks To Gasland Director Josh Fox on His New Film, Gas Industry Lies and Government Collusion

Fracking Industry Used Privileged Access To Lobby Against New York Fracking Regulations “Documents obtained by the Environmental Working Group (EWG) show that bureaucrats within the New York Department of Environmental Conservation (NY DEC) granted the oil and gas industry premature access to highly controversial draft regulations for shale gas fracking in the state. New York placed a moratorium on hydraulic fracturing for gas in order to evaluate the science on the risks posed to drinking water, air quality and the health of New York’s citizens and the environment.”reported by Brendan DeMelle, via DeSmogBlog


We are Proud to Announce Yoko Ono Signs on to
Our Mothers Day Letter to Michelle Obama

Yoko Talks about Fracking with Jimmy Fallon and
Sean and Yoko Perform “Don’t Frack My Mother”

==========On August 27 2012 more than 1000 people marched on in Albany to show Governor Cuomo a united front; the State of New York stands united against fracking. Josh Fox promises civil disobedience if drilling is allowed to proceed anywhere in New York State.  The Southern Tier will not become a sacrifice zone.

-Our goal is to bring National Attention to Local issues by publishing the Michelle Obama Mother’s Day Letter In local Newspapers. Please
help us accomplish this goal with your donations.



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