Don’t Frack Ohio/Mothers Unite Against Fracking

OHIO has become the dumping ground for toxic waste from Pennsylvania fracked oil and gas wells.
In addition, the government is proposing outragous fracking laws that violate basic human rights. The laws would allow the Oil and Gas industry to frack when and where they please without regard for the sanctity of family life, private property rights or health impacts especially on children.
We support Ohio mothers working to use their power as mothers to protect their children!

Dear Mothers of the Earth,

The people of the State of Ohio need our help. The Mothers Project calls upon you to support the action set in motion by co-founder Bill McKibben and GASLAND filmmaker Josh Fox, to take place this Sunday, June 17, in Columbus, Ohio. The action will send a clear message to Governor Kasich: Don’t Frack Ohio!

The major event took place at Ohio’s State Capitol, where participants occupied the Statehouse, with a People’s Assembly aimed at passing legislation,’ protecting Ohioans from the oil and gas industry. This action, like the recent Tar Sands Action in Washington, DC, was a well-planned, peaceful event, preceded by three days of strategy sessions and training.
Ohio’s Governor Kasich has abandoned his state to the oil and gas industry, accepting more than $213,000 from the industry in campaign contributions and selling out the health of current and future generations.

The industry has targeted Ohio as its next frontier, with plans to build over 4,000 wells within four years. Ohio is already suffering as the recipient of wastewater from drilling and fracking in other states. This toxic wastewater is poured into injection wells linked with earthquakes, such as those felt in Youngstown on Christmas and New Year’s Eves.
Our 2012 Mother’s Day Letter to Michelle Obama, which you are invited to sign here, was published as a full-page ad in the New York Times and has been signed by over a thousand mothers. The letter asks our First Lady to recognize the critical threat that drilling and fracking operations pose to the health of future generations. Launched with this appeal, The Mothers Project now helps to bring national attention to events such as the June 17 action in Ohio.

WITH YOUR HELP, WE CAN SHOW THE SOLIDARITY OF MOTHERS NATIONWIDE WITH THE PEOPLE OF OHIO signing on to the Mothers Day letter.  We are aiming for 1 million signatures. Once achieved the letter will be presented to Mrs. Obama on the White house steps.

We ask you also to sign on to either or both of the PLEDGES NOW POSTED here.  We are initiating a STATE BY STATE pledge to oppose fracking, mountain top removal, deep ocean drilling for oil, as well as an end to nuclear power plants.   The Mothers Project is working toward building a national movement of Mothers Against Extreme forms of Energy Production.

thanks you, Angela Monti Fox, Founder of The Mothers Project

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The eyes of the nation must be on Ohio! Big Oil is mobilizing: The American Petroleum Institute, the largest oil and gas lobby in America, has an event planned in Columbus intended to discredit Bill McKibben and Josh Fox. This is an “all hands on deck” moment for the anti-fracking movement in Ohio and for the support of environmental truth-tellers. The movement against shale gas drilling and fracking operations in Ohio continues to gain momentum. That’s why the full force of the oil and gas lobby is being brought to bear against activists in Ohio and at the national level, like Bill McKibben and Josh Fox.

Ohio needs your support. Please donate what you can toward the placement of our Mother’s Letter ad in Columbus newspapers.

Any money we receive goes toward promotional material to support local grassroots Moms. Grassroots who are members can request promotional material that they can use when actively protesting or disseminating information about the consequence of fracking. We have no salaried employees. We are a total volunteer organization.

Angela Monti Fox
Founder, The Mothers Project