Who We Are

Founder: The Mothers Project™ was founded by Angela Monti Fox in March 2012 to unite mothers to respond to America’s exploitation of natural gas plays using the untested method of high volume horizontal hydraulic fracturing. Angela Monti Fox is a mental health professional and is the mother of filmmaker Josh Fox creator of Gasland.  Gasland was chosen for John Lennon Yoko Ono Award for Peace, 2010, Environmental Media Association Award, an Emmy for Best Director and was nominated for an Academy Award.

Although the film grew out of Josh Fox’s efforts to save his family home in Pennsylvania, it emerged as and continues to be the preeminent “organizing tool” for an ever growing anti fracking movement.
The founding of The Mothers Project™ was a natural outgrowth of this movement. The science emerged that created a growing awareness of the damaging effects of the fossil fuel and nuclear industries  to future generations.  A growing awareness of the powerlessness among ordinary families due to their inability to protect their children from harm and protect their right to clean air, clean water and peaceful enjoyment of their home and land has created this mothers movement.

Share Your Story-Become an Affiliate of The Mothers Project    An essential component  of The Mothers Project  is  for participants to have the opportunity to “Share Your Story” and create a forum in which Mom Powered Grassroots can flourish!
We are thrilled to launch this feature which will enable mothers to build a working coalition around the globe, share information, and become an active unified force to protect children against all forms of energy destructive to the earth as well as build working coalitions and share knowledge for development of sustainable energy alternatives.  As a first step in accomplishing this goal we are asking you as individuals, or existing grass roots groups to join us by sending information about yourself or your group to us. We can feature your story on our home page, giving your concerns greater visibility and create opportunities for change.    As you connect with us we can help you to  expand your grassroots efforts by becoming an affiliate of The Mothers Project in your community, town, city or state. SEND YOUR STORY WITH IDENTIFYING INFORMATION TO: info@themothersproject.org.   Let us know if you would like to become an affiliate.


Mothers for Sustainable Energy-The Mothers Project-Colorado

Mothers for Sustainable Energy-The Mothers Project-New Jersey

With Gratitude

At the time of its founding a coalition of mothers spontaneously formed around The Mother’s Project™ founder, Angela Monti Fox, that allowed her to expand the scope and vision of The Project and from which she drew the Board of Directors, corporate officers and trusted advisers The Mothers Project™ expresses sincere gratitude and heartfelt thanks to: Sandra Steingraber (Author, Raising Elijah), Dr. Theo Colborn (The Endocrine Disrupting Exchange), Carmi Orenstein, Susan Van Dolsen, Margory Schab, Erin Heaton, Larysa Dyrszka, Elisabeth Radow,  for their hard work and support in making the first project, The Mothers Day Letter to Michelle Obama, possible. We are grateful to April Beach for her service and acceptance of the role of Trusted Adviser and Board of Directors, and Marge Schab for accepting the role of Treasurer. Unbelievably happy to have Judy Muskauski on board as administrator of our Facebook page providing us with a wealth of information always. The Mothers Project™ offers heartfelt thanks to the Moms of Erie Rising™, without which this project would not have been possible.

We are further consumed with gratefulness to all other mothers who are standing strong to protect their children; Mothers who do not waiver, or rest or resign.  You are in our thoughts and prayers constantly. The Mothers Project™ is for you!