Our Work

The Mothers Project™ humbly accepts the leadership role as a unifying force for mom-created American grassroots organizations, beginning in our country and expanding throughout the globe.

The Mothers Project™ is based on knowledge gained from the scientific community as it informs the detrimental effects of fossil fuel and nuclear power production. The Mothers Project™ is specifically troubled about effects relating to the physical, developmental and psychological health of children in all nations, from the womb to young adulthood.

The Mothers Project™ works across all segments of society and political parties to organize mothers in an effort to aid all those who have responsibility for the care of children, and whose primary concern is to protect them from harm.  The information, resources and tools The Mothers Project™ offers shall enable the accomplishment of this goal; in the face of adversity created by the powerful forces of the fossil fuel and nuclear industry, which so often seem so determined to accomplish their goals without regard for those they may harm.