Our Mission

Our Mission

This is a global coalition of mothers formed on behalf of children who cannot vote or make public policy. As their advocates and protectors, we support energy sources that do not fill our children’s environment—and thus their bodies—with toxic pollutants. Recognizing that our children’s lives are inextricably bound to the abiding ecology of the planet, we support energy sources that do not threaten the stability of the world’s climate, acidify its oceans, or fill the air with asthma- inducing, cancer-causing fumes. As mothers are the first environments for our children, we mothers support energy sources that do not threaten the inner sanctuaries of pregnancy with chemicals linked to birth defects, preterm birth, and cognitive deficits.

 As such, we support immediate, full-scale investments in renewable energy and oppose all forms of extreme fossil fuel extraction. These include the removal of mountaintops for coal production, the drilling for oil in deep oceans, all forms of drilling for oil and gas,  the felling of boreal forests for tar sands, and the use of high-volume horizontal hydrofracturing (fracking) to blast apart bedrock for the extraction of oil and natural gas.

That we are against all forms of fossil fuel extraction does not mean we are for nuclear energy.  We believe that the United States must become a world leader in implementing energy production, distribution, and policies that will phase out the use of all forms of fossil fuels and nuclear power in the most expedient and immediately attainable timetables set by the scientific community.

As documented by a substantial body of scientific evidence, a reliance on extreme fossil fuels and nuclear power undermines the healthy development of children and raises their risk for disability and chronic disease. In response, we pledge to endorse, educate, and advocate for sustainable, renewable forms of energy via grassroots initiatives throughout the world.

We acknowledge that The Mothers Project™ was founded as a result of the extensive drilling for gas using the new technology of horizontal hydraulic fracturing. This by no means excludes our concern for all forms of fossil fuel extraction by any means and the sources of contamination inherent in its continued use and the continued use of nuclear power.

Our special concerns regarding hydraulic fracturing focus on the toxic chemicals and combustion by products into densely populated areas where millions of children live and where their food is grown.  As such our special concerns address America’s unbridled rush into the “new gas boom” that has spurred the proliferation of highly toxic sites across millions of backyards, schoolyards, neighborhoods, family farms, and recreational areas.

Fracking is laying waste to our nation’s forests, sending sediment into our rivers and streams, spreading blankets of smog across our communities, erecting toxic pits in our farmers’ fields, filling our Main Streets with fleets of diesel trucks, and shattering the bedrock of our nation. In this regard, our effort is not a political one; it is a deeply moral and spiritual response.

The United States is now exporting its earth-shattering technology of high volume, horizontal hydro-fracturing for use in other countries. As mothers, we know these same countries are inhabited by pregnant women, breastfeeding infants, school children and teenagers—all of whom need clean air, pure water, safe food, and unpolluted places to live and play. It is our nation of mothers who stand in solidarity with them and in opposition to the continued, evermore toxic  extraction of fossil fuels. It is time for a 21st century solution to our energy needs.

Blowing up bedrock is not it.

Our Commitment to Action

In action, The Mothers Project is committed to supporting educational programs that provide factual information and guidance to children of all ages as regards sustainable energy solutions for the earth and its inhabitants. In action this is a commitment to develop and support curriculum and educational experiences and materials that present this view to children beginning with early childhood education.

In action, The Mothers Project is committed to supporting research programs that investigate impacts of the fossil fuel and nuclear industry on air, water, soil and consequent food production.

In action, The Mothers Project both supports and crafts educational and advocacy programs to influence legislation that supports sustainable energy and discourages continued use of fossil fuels and nuclear energy.