The Mothers Project™ was founded  by Angela Monti Fox and accomplished women, mothers, business owners and professionals in March 2012.  The Mothers Project™ shall use all peaceful means democracy allows to protect children from the harm due to the mining and use of forms of energy detrimental to the survival of the earth and its most vulnerable inhabitants; children.

Although the primary motivation for the formation of The Mothers Project™ was to oppose the technology known as “mining by use of full volume hydraulic fracturing” (colloquially known as “fracking”), the Project stands against all forms of drilling and any form of energy production that results in permanent harm to the earth and actual or potential harm to children. Any form of energy production that has the potential to compromise children’s  current and/or future health shall be opposed as determined by the precautionary principal. The precautionary principal, defined by physicians who care first and foremost about the health of their communities, states: When an activity has the potential to cause harm to human health, precautionary measures should be taken until cause and effect relationships are fully established scientifically.To that end, The Mothers Project™ opposes all forms energy emanating from fossil fuels and nuclear power, and aggressively supports sustainable energy solutions.

The Mothers Project™ was originally established to support and protect mothers and children in the wake of America’s quest for local energy sources through the mining of shale-plays throughout the United States.  As The Project took on formation, it was apparent that we could not stop at our own boarders, and(cross out and here) with this initial threat.  In this awareness, The Mothers Project embraces support for, and acts to protect all mothers and children who find themselves in the face of danger from all forms of extreme energy extraction, in all parts of the globe.